How to find a right medicine for the herpes treatment?

A half of the world’s population suffers with herpes. It is rather complicated and painful disease. It brings not only physical, but ...

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What are the positive sides of treatment with Valtrex?

There are many medicines, which are prescribed to treat complicated herpes simples. That’s why patients can find the most effective ...

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How can Valtrex be helpful in the treatment of different infections?
Being an antiviral drug, Valtrex is prescribed for patients who need to treat different infections caused by herpes virus. There are several infections that can be treated with Valtrex, including like genital herpes, shingles, chickenpox and cold sores.
Valtrex does not cure herpes virus but it is able to lessen the symptoms of the infection, helping this way body to fight the infection. In order to use this medication in the most effective way, the treatment with Valtrex should be applied as soon as possible. It is recommended to use this medication within the first 48 hours after the occurrence of symptoms and signs of the infections.
Thus, after you experience signs and symptoms of some infection, you should go to your healthcare provider and be recommended to use this medication.

Valtrex is able to do several things in order to help in fighting of the mentioned infections. Thus, Valtrex can:
  • hasten the resolution of itchy, blistering and painful lesions
  • provide symptomatic alleviation
  • reduce the frequency of herpes episodes
  • shorten the duration of an outbreak
  • accelerate the resolution of the associated pain with herpes zoster rash
  • reduce asymptomatic viral shedding
  • reduce by 48%the risk of transmission of the virus to uninfected partner
  • decrease the duration of post herpetic neuralgia and incidence of ocular complications
The effectiveness of the treatment with Valtrex depends on different factors and one of the most determining of them is the right dosages of this medication. As you can see, Valtrex can be prescribed for the treatment of different infections and each situation requires consideration in terms of the right dosage to prescribe.
There are also other factors that are taken to attention when this medication is being prescribed, including age, weight (when prescribed for children), any health problems, any medication that you may be currently taking, and other factors. This means that each time there is a need to use this medication, a patient needs to take this medication, and one should essentially consult with the healthcare provider.
Valtrex is a medication and as it is for all medication, it is possible to use too much. Overdose of this medication may lead to getting such symptoms as hallucinations, decrease in urine output, or aggressive behavior. The overdose effects may also vary which depends on many other factors. If you have the signs or symptoms of overdose, you should go to a hospital as you may need to do pumping the stomach or dialysis.

Is Valtrex the medication for everyone?

Generally, Valtrex in more or less safe to use medication, however, it does not mean that it is totally safe. In order to make sure that you can use this medication safely, you should consult with your healthcare provider. In particular, a special attitude in terms of the use of this medication will be granted to the patients who have weak immune system, kidney disease, HIV/AIDS and kidney or bone marrow transplant.
Also, you may have a satisfying health status, but if you use some medications that are able to interact with Valtrex, you will not be recommended to use it. Thus, there are known 26 medications that are able to interact with Valtrex. Valtrex, for example, should not be combined with medication prescribed for the treatment of different kidney diseases. If Valtrex causes you an allergic reaction, you should not use this medication any more.
For more information on contra-indications, and general precautions, ask your healthcare provider.